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A dating site just for "Star Trek" fans called Trek takes an extra-personalized approach to helping you find someone Worf falling for.

"Star Trek" fan dating sites are nothing new -- you can choose from a range like Star Trek Dating, Date a Trekkie, Trek Passions and Trekkie Dating.

"I'd already opened a few dating sites but never built them from scratch myself.

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Other options are also available online, such as Star Trek Dating.com, Trek Passions and Trekkie Dating. "Our plan is simple: Continue to support the fans and give them a safe place to meet. part-time in aerospace sciences (University of North Dakota) after completing an M. Besides writing, Elizabeth teaches communications at the university and community college level.So here are a few pointers on how to romance your possible love interest before you "engage." Learn a few sweet nothings in Klingon to set the mood.Saying "qapar Ha'qu" ("I love you") might be rushing it, so start slow with something like "HIgho S" ("Come here") or "n Iteb Ha' mam I' Dane H'a'? ") Steer clear of Klingon idioms such as "Dujeychugh jagh n Iv y Itu HQo" ("There is nothing shameful in falling before a superior enemy") and "gh Ij qet jaghmeyjaj" ("May your enemies run with fear.") That might send the wrong message and end a first date quickly.Tonight we discuss how the USS Voyager might pair off. Next week we will be discussing our Star Trek bucket list.Humans need other humans, so we discuss the USS Voyager Dating Services, both legal and illegal, going on board the ship. If you were going to die in the next six months or so, what are the things in Star Trek that you want to do before you kick the bucket.Because without them, the site won't boldly go anywhere." Elizabeth Howell is a contributing writer for who is one of the few Canadian journalists to report regularly on space exploration. To see her latest projects, follow Elizabeth on Twitter at @Howell Space.Welcome to a dating community that is light years ahead of others.Because the site is for science fiction fans, it also welcomes lovers.But if you're a true Trekkie (or Trekker, if that's your preference), try and send your inquiries and messages to prospective matches in Klingon via Bing Translator.You can sign up for free and start searching for "Star Trek" singles in your area. You can create a list of favorite singles and send winks to let them know you're interested.You will receive an email when someone sends you a message, adds you as a favorite or winks at you.


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