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Twitter couple esibizioniste

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Twitter user @mzbat aka Kimber Dowsett live tweeted a couple's argument which was not only entertaining, but also a trigger for social media.Apparently, the man then said to the woman: "If she loved him she'd turn down the promotion because everyone would know she'd be making more money than him and he'd be humiliated." The conversation according to @mzbat proceeded with the man eventually saying: "Once they're married and have kids she wouldn't be working anyway so there's no point focusing on her career anyway." Towards the end, the lady allegedly threw her boarding pass at the man and walked away with onlookers clapping in her favour.However, Twitter did not take long to agree that the man in this situation was wrong, with one user tweeting: "I'm a stay at home dad for 2 great kids and I love and support my brilliant and compassionate wife who works as an emergency veterinarian making far more than I could ever hope to.and payed my full tuition fee and even credited my account for the maintenance which the visa officers will see in my account.He also has the plans of sponsoring me through PHD also in Canada or the UK if I want.People began to discuss the issue at hand and made it clear they were appalled at the topic of the argument to be occurring in 2017.The heated discussion began with Kimber claiming the couple beside her were arguing over money.Abbiamo fatto una passeggiata e poi siamo entrati nel centro commerciale dove ha voluto, naturalmente, provare diverse paia di scarpe.Even AOL employees are not supposed to give it to one another.Ciao Paolo, siamo assidui lettore del tuo blog e vogliamo complimentarci con te !Prendendo spunto da qualcuno dei post, mia moglie ha deciso di voler uscire anche lei senza le mutandine !


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