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Updating dataenvironment commands Sexy online 1 on 1 chats

Lakshmi N set defa to this command will take u to directory that u specify. set defa to c:\workdir this will take u to c:\workdir modi stru will allow u change the structure of a table eg.u have a table and field empid c 5 now u want to make it c 10 then u can use modi stru copy command makes a duplicate of your dbf zap is euvivalent to delete al and pack. zap will remove all records of your dbf recall will recall records marked for deletion. index on empid tag empid additive select (selects a work area) brow (allows you view, change, add, delete, edit records of your table) go takes your record pointer to a particular record go 1001 display (displays current record) delete (delets (marks a record for deletion) a current record) pack (physcially removes records marked for deletion) replace command used to replace values in a table eg.I'll give the list of commands and it would be great if some one could explain what each of them do.set defa to modi stru copy zap reca index select brow go disp pack dele pack repl use thanks...MDAC architecture may be viewed as three layers: a programming interface layer, consisting of ADO and ADO.NET, a database access layer developed by database vendors such as Oracle and Microsoft (OLE DB, .

Its components include: Active X Data Objects (ADO), OLE DB, and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

The Network Library router had the job of managing all these protocols, however now only the named pipes secondary Net-Lib is managed by the router.

The Super Socket Net-Lib also handles data encryption via the use of the Windows SSL API.

Each Net-Lib supported network protocol has a separate driver (not to be confused with a device driver), and has support for a session layer in its protocol stack.

There are two general types of Net-Lib: the primary and the secondary.


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