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Updating intel chipset

Microsoft is also planning to update its cloud-based servers with the latest firmware and software patches, and these updates are rolling out now.

understands that Google is planning to document and disclose the security flaws in processors at 5PM ET today.

The researchers also play with a sinister property of the ME: It can run even when a computer is “off” (just so long as the device is plugged in), because it is on a separate microprocessor, and essentially acts as a totally separate computer.

As with previous ME bugs, nearly every recent Intel chip is impacted, affecting servers, PCs, and Io T devices.

Some anti-virus vendors will also need to update their software to work correctly with the new patches, as the changes are related to Kernel-level access.There appears to be a flaw in modern processors that let attackers bypass kernel access protections so that regular apps can read the contents of kernel memory.Software vendors like Microsoft and other Linux programmers are protecting against this by separating the kernel's memory away from user processes in what’s being called “Kernel Page Table Isolation.” Linux patches have been rolling out over the past month, and now Windows patches are being made available today.We have not received any information to indicate that these vulnerabilities had been used to attack our customers.raised the alarm for years about the Intel remote administration feature known as the Management Engine.When I start it, I get a warning of: "Minimum system requirements for Forza Horizon 3 not met." Unsupported graphics driver.Found .6909, expected .7821 or newer (Code: FH301). I am going to search what display driver they are referring to because neither the 980M or Intel HD 530 drivers are near that version.The platform has a lot of useful features for IT managers, but it requires deep system access that offers a tempting target for attackers; compromising the Management Engine could lead to full control of a given computer.Now, after several research groups have uncovered ME bugs, Intel has confirmed that those worst-case fears may be possible.The software update is part of a number of fixes that will protect against a newly-discovered processor bug in Intel, AMD, and ARM chipsets.Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell that the company will issue a Windows update that will be automatically applied to Windows 10 machines at 5PM ET / 2PM PT today.


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