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Updating suse 9 0

Make sure SOFTWARE is selected from the pane on the left.Select SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT from the options on the right: The YAST package installation window appears.In the FILTER drop-down box in the upper left corner, select PACKAGE GROUPS: All of the package groups appear in a drill-down tree. It is just resolving dependency issues for you (don't you just love SUSE? It is safe to click CONTINUE here: YAST then begins downloading and installing all of the newer versions that your system has available for it from all of your Installation Sources.

Fortunately, SUSE 10 provides for both of these types of updates.

First, we need to make sure that we tell YAST every place that it can install software from. Make sure SOFTWARE is selected in the pane on the left.

These places that YAST uses to install software are called "Installation Sources." There are several of these sources available for SUSE 10. Then, select INSTALLATION SOURCE from the options on the right: A window comes up titled "Software Source Media." This is where we tell YAST about where to look for available packages to install: To illustrate how to add these, let's put in the PACKMAN Installation Source, first. When you go into YAST to install software, you will probably want to be browsing the very latest of what's available.

Personally, I love having access to the bleeding edge.

So for me, I like to have it refresh, and I will turn all of my installation sources ON.


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  5. Scott Morris provides a quick walkthrough on updating your SUSE box to the latest possible versions of all of the packages on your system. It's easy, slick, and quick.

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