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Wall street journal dating game

Its new technology systems and platforms will allow it to innovate more quickly, helping with that catchup.Even with all the work put into the products launched today, much of what the Journal wants to do to meet the needs of cross-platform readers remains a work in progress.

Other sites have allowed readers to save stories on a phone and access them on the web, or vice versa.In reviewing a six-year-old set of products, the Journal found a digital mess. The number of exposed navigation options has been more than cut in half on many pages.With the redo, the Journal makes the strong point this is a new beginning — not an endpoint.A share button on the phone will be at the left bottom of the page, but at the top on the desktop — with the tablet offering its own non-intuitive way of moving around a page.The Journal redesign begins to tackle those issues.The world has indeed changed; unsurprisingly, “mobile” is top of mind as the Journal finishes a long process of rebuilding its digital presences.In the background, much else is moving at the Journal.Given the Journal’s new responsive design, that editorial hierarchy now appears across devices, says Roussel: “Whatever Almar decides is the news is the news.” Almar is Almar Latour, the Journal’s executive editor.Until now, three different editors decided story priority on smartphone/tablet, desktop, and print.Side-door traffic, driven by search and then social, has driven so much of the audience acquisition game for several years.Even so, the Journal finds that two-thirds of its paying subscribers visit its homepage at least monthly — and homepage usage is growing.


  1. What Dating Apps and Search Algorithms Have in Common Dislike of Spelling Errors. By. A feature in The Wall Street Journal details a study by.

  2. With a young, increasingly busy and mobile audience, the allure of the dating app business can be intoxicating—and the market is big. But companies face challenges.

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