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Walla walla university speed dating

Many students who take Adderall without proper consultation find themselves experiencing moodiness, unhealthy weight loss and patterns of insomnia.

“It also increases anxiety for those who have struggled with it before.

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Amphetamines and cocaine are not on the same level, but that doesn’t mean that Estelle’s dependence on Adderall was purely psychological.Someone experiencing symptoms of ADHD should consult a medical professional before taking Adderall.*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.While the diagnosis did not embarrass her, she soon discovered that some fellow students were desperate to get their hands on her supply of meds.Students without an ADHD diagnosis commonly seek out other students with an Adderall (or Ritalin) prescription in hopes of gaining access to their medication.Now a sophomore in college, Katie keeps her diagnosis in the shadows. If other people find out that I have been prescribed medication, they often ask me to share.” Though she shared her prescription in the past in an attempt to “help out a friend,” Katie came to realize that she doesn’t want to support dishonest behavior.“If someone is able to achieve good grades and they still take Adderall, I get very mad because it is giving them a boost that they don’t need,” Katie said.Lingard was working in a Grantsville laundry; Jensen was behind the counter at her Delle gas station and restaurant.Wilson, 39, a long-time criminal who police say had vowed never to return to prison, shot and killed himself after leading police on a high-speed chase on I-80.“The goal of the medication is to help students with unbalanced brain chemistry do as well as students with more balanced brain chemistry.In other words, it helps level the playing field.” Each year, Cowles devotes a whole class period toward open discussion of the issue of Adderall abuse, allowing his students to weigh in on the pros and cons.


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