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This is love it and hate it territory, and you will almost certainly hate it if your main focus is only the most popular beaches and famous temples/monuments in a short space of time during the hottest periods.

Particularly the areas of high population density in Northern India, Southern Pakistan and Bangladesh.

You need to arrange a tour and had travel around scheduled departures with a large-ish group (who may or may not be a great fun for the three days you spend with them). The jury is out on the beaches as they are not good for swimming and despite the world famous length of the beach, the water is not clear and privacy is tough to find, coupled with the overdevelopment of both Chittagong District and St. Lack of privacy and quality of facilities/transport, although if you give into it, it adds to the experience.

Going to the Sunderbans requires a lot of hassle unless you book a tour.

It is worth noting that southern areas like Goa and Kerala are significantly less stressful than bigger northern cities and especially the Rajasthan/Agra/Delhi tourist trail.

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the road to Leh , Ladakh, trek to Gangotri Glacier - so much and especially the people and general feel.It's hard to understand and explain just why somewhere so often dirty, hot, ugly and full of hassle has such an appeal.The answer lies enigmatically with it being often the exact opposite.What you will find here should give you a good background, but if you have decided these are some of the countries you want to visit and need more planning information then you are strongly recommended to complement what you find here with a planning guide. For somewhere as huge and varied as India, the introduction and 'not to be missed' chapters in the Rough Guide are strongly recommended.If you are set on going and need a guidebook or reading material please see a list of recommended guides/books here (go on, have a look! If you want to read fiction, you are in luck as some of the world's best writers originate from India and Asia in general.Flights are good value and well worth it if you have the funds.Other advice is getting a double entry visa so you can pop to Nepal for a break from it all.Wow, here it is - the epitome of Asia and all travel.That love it / hate it thing that everyone speaks about.The bulk of visitors discover the amazing beaches in India/Sri Lanka and two of the world's most spectacular mountain ranges.Temples and alien culture are abound, alongside thousands of lesser-known worthwhile attractions void of others.


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  2. Southern Asia. India and the countries that broke from it Pakistan & Bangladesh provide some of the world most rewarding and trying travel.

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