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On the drive up, however, Billy and his wife Cody (Rebecca Rittenhouse) veer off the highway, destroying their pickup truck and the uninsured washers and dryers strapped to the truck’s bed.

Billy and Cody are left with a choice: crawl back to their friends and family as failures, or attempt to salvage their savings in the local oil game.

Maybe the GG actor is just saying he loves the Red Band Society actress as a friend, but it definitely seems like more than that.

"I like girls who are not shocked or stunned by anything.

During a break from filming in the city, the couple arrived together where they were seen showing some PDA. News, In addition, Chace and Rebecca have also played the role of a newly married husband and wife couple that moves to a Museum named The Bakken in North Dakota. Now, what we have to see is will Rebecca be the last love of Chace or he again has an intention of making more girlfriend and increasing the list of his dating histories. Until then, lets wish the couple all the very best for their future and we hope them to get married as soon as possible.

Besides Rebecca, Chace has dated many girlfriends in his past. For more updates, don't forget to visit Frostsnow.

It’s been three years since the Dallas, Texas native wrapped is a soapy spin on the state’s very real, modern oil boom, during which hundreds of thousands of workers have migrated to find their fortune—only to end up living unemployed in tent cities.

Crawford plays Billy Lefever, a newlywed Floridian who dreams of starting a laundromat.

I love the random spontaneity and creativity of things like that." --Chace Crawford"I think girls are pretty good at knowing [when guys are interested].CHACE CRAWFORD AT THE STANDARD, DOWNTOWN LA, AUGUST 2015. Chace Crawford is ready to re-enter the world of television. [] I was like, “I don’t think you’re going to need those.”CRAWFORD: Might be some dead weight. I’ve been pacing around the last 10 minutes trying to feel my hands. GROOMING: ANNA BERNABE AT ART DEPARTMENT USING ARMANI BEAUTY AND LEONOR GREYL HAIRCARE. Then I got to Pete’s place in Big Sky and I literally just drove through a blizzard. I got another buddy coming up and meeting me there and he’s bringing his golf clubs. "Sometimes the pool is smaller because you hang out with five people as opposed to when you're in college or a job," Crawford said to "It might be harder to meet a girl who is not in the industry. It appears the two met on the set of the upcoming ABC series Blood & Oil , where they play married couple Billy and Kelly Le Fever.The duo was spotted celebrating Crawford's 30th birthday on July 25, where Rittenhouse was said to be "by Chace's side most of the night," according to a source who spoke with Us. Just doing , I loved it, because I could really take my time developing the character. KITSCH: That could be a silverlining, a blessing in disguise, with the 22 episodes. KITSCH: When we hit camera I would say there were six scripts. But the new woman in question isn't just any blond – Romo is said to be dating "Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford's younger sister, Candice.Sources tell Celeb that Romo, 29, has been "getting very cozy" with the 22-year-old former Miss Missouri.


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