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Who is lisa marie presley dating

Toby has a thing for older women and is a big fan of Elvis so they hit it off immediately.After swapping numbers, Priscilla got him some tickets to see her in panto in Wimbledon, and they met-up after.One day, a handsome man looking somewhere in his mid twenties approached Priscilla. He asked Priscilla, 'How'd you like to meet Elvis Presley? Of course Priscilla agreed, and the night she was to meet Elvis, she wore a white and navy sailor dress. On the evening of Sunday, September 13, 1959, Currie, his wife, and Priscilla drove for forty minutes to get to Elvis' house. When she finally arrived, entered the house, and met Elvis, he'd taken a liking to her right away.He even seemed to be trying to impress Priscilla with his songs he'd play her.One night, not long before Thompson moved out of Presley’s home in late 1976, she found the singer facedown in a bowl of soup, so impaired by drugs he’d passed out.“As I held his head up by his hair, he had chicken soup and noodles all over his face,” she describes.Priscilla Presley resley became the executor of Elvis' estate, Graceland, in 1979, and proved herself to be a successful businesswoman, turning Elvis Presley Enterprises, of which she is chairwoman and president, into a profitable business.

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Answering the phone at her Los Angeles apartment, Thompson heard a breathless Lisa Marie on the other end. The cause of death was ruled as a heart attack by coroners, but there has long been a conspiracy that drugs played a role in his demise.

When Elvis Presley died in 1977, his ex-girlfriend Linda Thompson was painfully aware of the singer’s struggles with prescription pill abuse.

But the news – and how it was delivered – broke her heart. ’ ” The star says she was “frozen by a dread of acknowledging the truth.” In shock, Thompson blindly rebutted Lisa Marie’s revelation, but the young girl insisted, ” ‘Yes, he is! ’ ” The 66-year-old says Lisa Marie told her she was the first person she called.

Her father, James Wagner, was a US Navy pilot who was killed in an plane crash when Pricilla was only a few months old.

Her mother, Ann, remarried Paul Beaulieu, an Air Force officer, in 1948.


  1. Lisa Marie Presley's estranged husband just conceded she runs circles around him when it comes to income, and that's why he's asking the judge to forcibly.

  2. Lisa Marie Presley was born on February 1, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. She has been married to Michael Lockwood since January 22, 2006. They.

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