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Who is zac efron dating june 2016

The episode opens with Efron and Grylls skydiving from a helicopter to begin their quest.

Efron had jumped a grand total of once in preparation, and that was with an instructor at a much higher altitude.

“This is a guy who’s not in the entertainment industry,” Efron says.

“I don’t know what he knew of my work or if he’d seen any of it, but I was so grateful he was interested in who I was.

“As I was going head-first toward the ground, I thought to myself, ‘Something’s wrong here,’” Efron recalls. And I went, ‘Oh my God, that was close.’” Perhaps most surprisingly, he then just brushed it off.

A.-ish ingredients like alkaline water, montmorillonite clay, and activated charcoal. And the payoff is a body that, he says, feels as good as it ever has.

In person, Efron is taller than I’d imagined—5'9"—and far less bulky. “Right now I’m probably the physically strongest I’ve ever felt,” he says.

The furious online coverage of his pecs, lats, and delts expands daily, ranging from fawning and breathless (“This Woman Spraying Zac Efron’s Body Has Your Dream Job!

”) to downright weird (“Are buff male stars like Zac Efron driving young men to drugs and eating disorders? And certainly Efron appreciates the love; but as a guy who spent years running away from the first, extremely popular, version of himself—Zac Efron, Pretty Boy Teen Idol—he admits he’s now wary of being typecast all over again, this time as Zac Efron, Shredded Human Ken Doll. That shoot ran until 5 a.m., after which Efron spent some more time with his girlfriend, then caught a few hours of sleep before dragging himself out of bed to drive over to West Hollywood to talk about himself over brunch.


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